By Marty Rosenbaum

The rise in vinyl popularity has been great for the music industry. The only drawback being the production cost in making vinyl.

Thanks to a new technology, the price of vinyl could see a significant dip.

According to The Vinyl Factory, the Dutch company Symcon developing the technology to press records via injection moulding.

OK, sounds good, but what does that mean?

Currently, steam is used to heat up the PVC (vinyl) puck to 180 degrees, which is then pressed between two large stampers to create the record. The stampers have an average lifespan of 1,500 to 2,000 uses before they are worn out.

Symcon’s new process doesn’t use steam, instead using plastic to inject straight into the grooves. The company claims it will save up to 65% energy, allowing stampers to have a much longer lifespan.

If the product is successful, it allows for a large scale increase in the manufacturing of vinyl records. Symcon claims it will also increase the production rate of vinyl records, cutting down time to two weeks as opposed to the traditional twelve to sixteen.

While the change isn’t imminent, it certainly is promising for the future of vinyl records.

Check out the video below demonstrating the process.

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