By Jason Thomas

Once in a while, when we’re wasting time on YouTube, we come across old, dated videos from when “America was great,” or something like that, and we marvel at the formalities of the olden days. Some of the videos are pretty harmless and innocent in a Leave-It-to-Beaver kind of way, while others are comically off the mark and out of touch with what we know now and how we live today. We all know about Reefer Madness, right? Or how about this one warning of the “contagious sickness” of homosexuality? OK, not everyone is entirely past that line of thinking these days, but the vast majority of us are.

Anyway, this video is more of the “Leave It to Beaver” variety, and it walks teenagers through the basics of late-1940s dating rituals. It’s kind of funny to think about how a girl would react if a teenage dude asked her out in this manner in 2017. Also, how old will Woody’s parents be when he and Ann give them a grandchild? 93?


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