By Richard Milne

I first met Lin at some show at Park West. I forget who the act was. I think it was Steve Earle on the Guitar Town tour. No, it was earlier than that. 1985 sometime. He was recently hired as the station’s Music Director and I was, um, between gigs, as they say (Norm Winer had pity on me and hired me in ’86). I had interned at XRT under two previous MDs in both 1981 and 1983, and by virtue of my many months of free labor, I felt I had the right to know whether the cut of this new guy’s jib was of a high enough quality to hold such a vaunted position in the hallowed and windowless single story Northwest side halls which therein contained the radio station that had profoundly impacted my currently-without-a-radio-gig life! I was introduced by my then girlfriend. I’ll be honest; I fully expected some bullsh*t, jive-ass, cliche spouting, SOB music biz guy. Not sure why. Apparently, the out-of-a-radio-gig thing was taking a toll. What I actually got was a genuine, convivial, passionate, true believer in the power and the glory (thank you Gentle Giant) of rock and roll guy. Here’s the thing about Lin; he hasn’t changed. Not a bit from what I can tell. He still believes in all this stuff. Not only believes in it- he lives it. I won’t put him in the “my hero” category but as far as guys I admire? Way on top of a very short list. Here, however, is how he unknowingly came to rescue me 25+ years ago. I believe it was in December 1991 that all the XRT jocks were asked to come in individually for a short meeting with the PD and GM. I had started up Local Anesthetic in April of that year, gotten married in June and, in October, after five years of working 2, 4, 6, sometimes 7 overnights a week at XRT, was finally acknowledged as the full-time DJ in that position. I was on some kind of a life roll, in other words, even if working full-time overnights made me feel like I was living with full-time jet lag. Really. I can’t say I was in a healthy, robust state, either physically or mentally even if things were personally and professionally kind of moving forward. Did I tell you I came back from my honeymoon and worked thirteen overnights in a row? I was living on fumes. Anyway, we were all called in and told that “some exciting changes were underfoot”. Starting in early 1992 our friend Lin was returning to XRT to assume the role of morning drive DJ. Fantastic! However, as a result, everybody was moving back a shift. Terri to mid-days. Frank to afternoon drive. Marty back to overnights…as the full-time guy. And I was going to be working weekends. Of course, my initial reaction was WTF? but by the time I was half way home, it hit me. Weekends. During the day. When the sun was out and people (including myself) were in states of at least semi-coherency. When I walked into the house I was almost giddy. I told my wife “Great news! You’ll never guess what happened!” What happened was the rest of my life began. Outside of a few left hooks to the jaw as of late, I really feel blessed for what I’ve got and there’s zero chance of any of it happening if Lin had not returned to XRT. Plus, I’ve had the chance to dig his inimitable morning show for a quarter century. Pardon the cliche, ladies and gentlemen, but to me it’s all been win-win. Thank you Lin Brehmer. All the above may be news to you but I love ya nonetheless. Congrats on 25.
gentle giant   the power and the glory How Lin Brehmer Saved My Sanity, Career, Marriage And Life.  Not Necessarily In That Order.


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