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Cinema Sounds: 8 of the Best Movie Soundtracks

After the debacle that was the ending of the Oscar’s, I thought it would be a good time to share some of the best movie soundtracks of all time.

Picking the best possible song for a particular scene has to be very challenging for producers. It can be the difference from standing on a podium after incorrectly being told you won best picture, to staying at home munching on popcorn.

Highlight: Derek & the Dominos – Layla

“Layla” was such a great selection for this scene it almost makes you forget the heinous murders are taking place in it. Other highlights are Mannish Boy by Muddy Waters and Sunshine of Your Love by Cream. I bet Scorsese is a huge Clapton guy.

Dumb and Dumber
Highlight: Crash Test Dummies – Mmm Mmm Mmm

If you could put a collection of songs that help define early 90’s alternative, it would be this soundtrack.Crash Test Dummies highlight this hilarious scene below.

Garden State
Highlight: The Shins – New Slang

“You gotta hear this one song, it’ll change your life I swear.” Natalie Portman on New Slang by The Shins. This is every hipster’s favorite rom-com of all time, I know it’s mine.

Purple Rain

This was the biggest no-brainer. If you’re a die hard Prince fan, Purple Rain might be your favorite movie ever. Check out the scene featuring “When Doves Cry” below.

Highlight: Iggy Pop – Lust for Life

If you like great music then British 90’s film Trainspotting is for you. It’s loaded with bands like New Order, Joy Division and Iggy Pop. Speaking of Iggy, one of the best scenes is set to “Lust for Life”.

The Blues Brothers
Highlight: Solomon Burke – Everybody Needs Somebody to Love(cover)

If they did not pull off all the great live music in this movie, no way it becomes a classic. The Blues Brothers did an amazing job of showcasing blues to the world.

“We would especially like to welcome all the representatives of Illinois’s law enforcement community that have chosen to join us here in the Palace Hotel Ballroom at this time.” I would of loved to be at this gig sippin’ on multiple Orange Whips.

This is Spinal Tap
Highlight: Stonehenge

This movie is epic, there’s no other word to describe it. We all have our favorite scenes, I went with the undeniably funny Stonehenge scene – enjoy.

Into The Wild
Highlight: Eddie Vedder – Guaranteed

Enlisting a musician to curate your entire soundtrack is a semi-popular trend that directors turn to. One of the best ever is the soundtrack to Into The Wild produced by our friend, Eddie Vedder.

He thought his contributions were so good that he actually made some of these songs into his first ever solo album, taken from the name of the movie.

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