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“In the Air Tonight” YouTube Battle: Risky Business vs. Miami Vice

There’s total YouTube rabbit-hole stuff going here, so try to follow along. I played “Funk #49” from the James Gang on the radio the other day and since that song always reminds me of an MGD TV ad from the ’90s, I looked it up on YouTube. Watching that beer commercial reminded me of the totally bad ass “The night belongs to Michelob” ads from the ’80s, one of which features “In the Air Tonight” from Phil Collins, and even though it’s not the original version of the song (it’s some sort of 1987 remix), it still gets the job done. So… When that video ended another video automatically cued up and it was a famous clip from Miami Vice where “ITAT” was also used, and this one’s an absolute gem. It features all kinds of peak ’80s awesomeness with the likes of a stone-faced Sonny Crockett speeding through traffic with Rico Tubbs riding shotgun…while quietly loading up his double-barreled shotgun. Shotgun x 2.

After watching the clip above seven or eight times and basking in its gloriousness (time management isn’t a strong suit of mine), another famous “ITAT” scene popped into my head, and it’s the sex-on-the-L scene from Risky Business. Now, trying to pick out the better of the two is difficult. Risky Business has the hometown advantage and although the train cars in the clip are even more outdated than the ones you’ll find on the tracks nowadays, that’s exactly how I get to work some days. Sadly, I’ve never had sex on a train with a woman as gorgeous as a young Rebecca De Mornay, but what can you do? Risky Business has Chicago and Rebecca in its favor, but seeing Tom Cruise might make you think of weird Scientology stuff, so we’ll dock some points for that. I guess that what I’m saying is that even though I used the words “Battle” and “vs.” in the title of this post, we’re not really looking for a winner here, we’re just enjoying the confluence of music and cinema with a song that most people love (or secretly love).

And fine, we’ll give Mike Tyson an honorable mention.

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