By Marty Lennartz

What a great way to end the week today with our Friday Feature of John, Paul, George and Ringo

You could make the argument that without their musical and cultural contributions and impact, the last 50 years of rock would’ve been much different, if existing at all. Would we even be here today, or any day for that matter, playing records on the radio in the same way?

That might  be too heavy an existential question to ponder on a Sunny Friday while we enjoy Beatles music, but it got me thinking how much the Beatles  have been such a huge part of of all of our lives, whether you were there at the beginning or were turned onto them by your parents or you found them on your own. They changed my life when I was 10 years old and saw them on the Ed Sullivan Show. In the aftermath, they multiplied my early record collection on a regular basis.

But you always remember the first record. Meet The Beatles was the second record I ever owned. I bought it with money I’d  saved from the tooth fairy, who left me a silver dollar for each tooth.  I still have one! (Uh, I mean silver dollar, not tooth.) My mom took me to Goldblatt’s and I plunked down the coins and readied myself for Beatlemania in my bedroom.

I played the record non stop while reading the liner notes and  looking at the photos. I loved the Beatle Boots. I wanted a pair so badly.  I would be drawn to the window of Flag Brothers Shoes which had many styles of heeled boots. I’d stare at the various sized heels until I was dragged away. For some reason, maybe because I was 10, I drew a  mustache on John, predicting the facial hair that wouldn’t show up until Sgt. Peppers!

I read the liner notes over and over. I loved the mention of the “Pudding Basin” haircuts that date back to ancient England.”

The album literally wore out the needle on my record player. I Want To Hold Your Hand, I saw Her Standing There and All My Lovin, I Wanna be Your Man were in hot rotation.

But the song that always hit a soft spot in my heart was Don’t Bother Me. Maybe because I didn’t want my sister coming into the room to bug me. More likely it was me discovering an early song from my fave Beatle, The Quiet One, George



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