By Marty Rosenbaum

Earlier this week, news emerged that The Lumineers donated all proceeds from a recent Texas concert to Planned Parenthood.

While it may have been the political gesture that’s garnished them the most attention, The Lumineers have been fighting for social change for a while.

In a new interview with Forbes, frontman Wesley Schultz spoke about the desire to go forth with their action. “I think part of was it trying to put our foot where our mouth was. We’re going to raise money, let’s do it,” Schultz said.

The Lumineers took inspiration from their upcoming summer tour mates when it comes to balancing politics and music. That’s U2.

Schultz said,

“With Bruce Springsteen or Bono, one of the cues that we’ve taken from them that’s really great is they’re not political about their political beliefs if that makes sense.”

He added,

“I think it enhances their credibility cause they’re saying what they’re feeling, they’re not just saying it so you buy an album or download a song. And so, in that way, I think it’s inspirational in that where it might hurt you in the short term or certain areas of the country supposedly, I think people really want to know what you really feel about things like that.”

The whole interview is worth your time and can be read right here.

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