By Marty Rosenbaum

The amount of bath photos I see on social media seem to have overtaken the amount of food photos. Perhaps we’ve gotten to the point where posting photos of your food have become trite and replaced by the cozy nature of the bath.

Seriously, there are over 5 million Instagram posts tagged as #bath.

Here’s my theory, the snug and comforting nature of a bath is perfectly suited for an Instagram post. After all, taking a half hour of your life and sitting naked in warm water with a candlelit environment sounds pretty pleasant.

The advent accessories such as bath bombs has also helped out. Why settle for the dull look of bubbles when you can liven it up with exuberant colors? Seriously, they make your bath water look freaking sweet.

Look at this one!

It has so many pretty colors, I feel like it belongs in the Art Institute. Plus, that soothing piano soundtrack already whisks me away to my happy place.

Bath salts are another popular accessory (please don’t use it as a drug). Bath salts are shown to be excellent muscle relaxers helping treat arthritis, swelling, and soreness.

Baths have plenty of health benefits on their own as well. According to the Huffington Post, baths help sharpen your memory, act as a mood booster, reduce stress, aid sleep, and fight colds.

The bath and social media are a natural fit. It’s a comforting activity that shows off max relaxation. With all the stress social media can create, it’s good to counter it with visions of relaxation.

Let’s be honest though. The real reason baths are so popular is because there’s a fantastic song dedicated to the bathtub.

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