St. Patrick’s Weekend Do’s & Don’ts

The patron saint of Ireland will be “celebrated” this weekend in Chicago and as a bonus to people that deck themselves out in green, the actual St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday, so party days for some will include the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day (usually the biggest of ’em all), the Sunday before which includes festivities on the South Side, and then St. Paddy’s Day itself, March 17. Is it all about St. Patrick himself and honoring the heritage of Ireland? Well, maybe about 4% of it is….for some people. Most just want to throw on some green attire and have an excuse to drink booze all day, and that’s fine. We (XRT) are all over the place this coming weekend and on the day itself, so we’re in it about as much as anyone.

I’ve been in Chicago for ten years now and the first time I visited this lovely town was during St. Patrick’s weekend back in 2006, so I have a special place in my heart for how this city does it, it’s just that some people hit it a wee bit too hard and end up here. You don’t want to end up here. This is common sense stuff, but it still doesn’t hurt to put it out there and go on the record stating that you encourage non-douchey behavior. So, without further ado, St. Paddy’s dos and don’ts…

DO take public transit, taxi/Uber it, or walk.

DON’T be an awful human being that puts themselves above all others and get behind the wheel after you’ve been drinking. It’s not worth it. Ever.

DO respect the neighborhoods that you’re partying in. Be a good person and vomit into trash receptacles, or at the very least try to aim towards areas that are out of the way (i.e. NOT in the middle of a sidewalk).

DON’T (while we’re talking about vomiting) throw up in a cab.

DO tip your bartenders and servers well. For many of them this has the potential to be the worst day(s) of the year, so know what you want, order quickly, and give them a little something for the effort.

DON’T vandalize.

DO stay on the sidewalks and other places that pedestrians are supposed to be.

DON’T lead a charge to take over lanes of traffic.

DO pace yourself.

DON’T have eight shots before noon on Saturday.

DO eat throughout the day if it’s an all-day affair for you.

DON’T be that guy/girl.

This is just the tip of the iceberg (I do have other things to do today) so if you have anything to add, jump on in…

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