By Alex Restrepo

In case you haven’t heard, Los Lobos’ frontman David Hidalgo is unable to perform at our two XRT shows at the Tivoli Theatre on March 14th & 15th. Musician and performer Dave Alvin, will be stepping in for Hidalgo for the two night series. (See Tweet below).

While change can be scary, we’re here to tell you things are a-okay! Los Lobos’ classic songs are in great hands with Dave Alvin; and to prove it to you, we’ve put some stats together on the talented man for your viewing pleasure. Check out all the details you need to know about Mr. Alvin below!

Name: David (Dave) Albert Alvin

You can cut the formalities, he just goes by Dave (Alvin)!

Age: 61 years old

Age is nothing but a number when it comes to rocking out! Alvin turned 61 last November and is still going strong in his music career.

From: Downey, California

Alvin grew up in SoCal with his brother Phil Alvin, and in their youth, in 1979, they formed the group The Blasters.

Acts Associated With: The Blasters, X, The Knitters, The Flesh Eaters, The Gun Club

Alvin left The Blasters in the 1980s to pursue a musical career with the L.A.-based rock group, X. In 1987, he left X to pursue his own solo career. In addition, in 1985, Dave played with the folk rock band The Knitters.

Skills: Singing, Songwriting, Producing, Acting, Writing/Poetry

Dave, not surprisingly, is a multifaceted man. He not only has performed with multiple bands and had a solo career which the discographies combined well surpass 20, but he’s also acted in the past. Dave stars in the 1987 indie film Border Radio, which features music from three of Alvin’s musical endeavors, including The Blasters. He’s also produced music for multiple artists, as well as collaborated with artists like Sonny Burgess. As if all of that wasn’t impressive enough, Dave has also released two books of poetry which have been included in anthologies and poetry magazines from all over.

Plays:  Lead Guitar, Vocals

In each musical act Dave has been involved with, he has worn multiple hats. Whether it is songwriting and guitar playing, or singing and producing, he is never doing just one in any of his endeavors.

What Now:

As of 2014, Dave has reunited with his brother Phil after a 20+ year hiatus to bring The Blasters, back. Alvin also is touring around the country as a solo artist and will be playing shows from now through the end of July in the Midwest, East Coast, and Canada.

It’s no surprise that Los Lobos called upon their multifaceted and experienced frontman friend Dave Alvin to stand-in for the irreplaceable, David Hidalgo. While they are not the same, Alvin has a lifetime of writing, producing and performing live under his belt.

Hopefully, we’ve answered any questions you may have had about Dave Alvin. The only question left is, will we see you at the show?

If you still need some convincing, check out this video of Dave Alvin performing, “Harlan County Line,” which was featured in the FX TV series, Justified, live.



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