By Mollie Olsem

How many times has a show come and gone and you couldn’t get a ticket? Does FOMO (fear of missing out) keep you up at night? We’ve all been there. Luckily, there are a handful of things music fans can do to make sure they never miss another show. Here are a few tricks to stay up to date and snag a hot ticket before the show night.

Be A Follower: Being in the know seriously pays off. Social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is how musicians communicate directly with fans, so when they have something to say, this is where they say it. Tour announcements, festival appearances and other events will most certainly be talked up on their pages. And they want you to be there as much as you do, so they’ll keep reminding you.

Don’t Forget Venues and Radio Stations!: The bands will tell you when they’re in town, but the venues want to sell tickets. Following your favorite local venues will keep you up to date with specific on-sale times and any restrictions to keep in mind. If a radio station is sponsoring a show, they’re likely to promote it too. The key is to know it’s happening, and with these resources on your newsfeed, you’ll always know what’s next.

Be A Fan: A lot of bands offer exclusive presale tickets to fan club members or those on their email list. If you’re a big fan, you might already subscribe, but if you hear of a musicians you’d like to catch, joining the email list before tickets go on sale would never hurt. Also tune in to the group’s website; they might be selling merchandise bundles with tickets included. Nothing like getting a seat AND getting a tee before the night of the show.

Don’t Snooze: When that hot ticket goes live, you’ll want to be there the minute it does. Getting there is half the battle, so setting as many reminders and alarms as possible will serve you well. Getting your credit card ready before they go on sale will make the process as smooth as possible too. We all know the pain of being put in a virtual line, but clicking through as soon as they’re available bumps you to the top and takes the edge off.

Buddy System: We get by with a little help from our friends, right? Having a partner-in-ticket-sales will double your chances of getting a ticket if you’re both acting on it at the same time. Make sure you synchronize your watches and keep in touch so you don’t end up with twice the tickets. First one to the finish lines wins (but so will you, no matter what).

Double Fist: When you’re getting ready for the tickets to go on sale, have the site up on your work computer, your laptop to your left and your phone on your right, if you can. If you’re coordinated, click through all three at the same time to increase your chances of grabbing a ticket before their gone. Just keep an eye on all the screens.

Check Your Credit: Lucky for you, having one or more credit cards might really pay off here. Some credit card companies like American Express and Chase offer cards with rewards like cash back on concert tickets, exclusive presale codes and points redeemable for tickets. Cha-ching.

Watch Out For Sweepstakes and Giveaways: So you didn’t get a ticket. That seriously sucks. Giving up hope might seem like the easy option, but it’s definitely not the best. In the weeks prior to the show, all those social media accounts you followed earlier might be tossing some tickets out to a few lucky winners. Be on the lookout for sweepstakes, giveaways and contests.

Wait For Resellers: As a last resort, there are always online resellers. Those unlucky fans or mean-spirited trigger fingers who buy up tickets and don’t plan on going to the shows will always be there. With every resale site, there is the risk of buying a fake or duplicate ticket. Buying from the original online retailers, like Live Nation and Ticketmaster, often have the option to officially resell or transfer your ticket, so the risk is lowered. Other sites like StubHub and Craigslist can be helpful, but again, you have to know the risk. If you do decide to go this route, waiting on buying will serve you well. As the night of approaches, sellers will get nervous and continue to knock the price down. Wait for as long as you’re comfortable, then go for it.


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