Dave Davies opened up about a host of topics ranging from a Kinks reunion to his experiences with UFO’s.

“I’ve had several experiences seeing UFOs,” he told Vulture during an interview to support the March 31 release of his new album Open Road. “It was really interesting. I saw them in north Devon in England — lights and zigzags in the skies. Then when I started to dig deeper into my experience, I understood I was also getting communications — psychic impressions — from aliens,” he said.

He added, “You have an experience with a UFO, and you keep those feelings, and then it gets into your subconscious and super-conscious,” he admitted. “When I investigated what those feelings could be, when I got really into ufology, I could’ve sworn I was having connections with the Dog Star, with Sirius. Sirius has very deep connections with Earth.”

Naturally, Davies was also asked about a potential Kinks reunion.

He responded, “Me and Ray are getting on a lot better now than we have in the past,” he admitted. “We always talk about doing things together, but I don’t know. We’re old men now for Christ’s sake. We worked on a few demos not that long ago and maybe we’ll turn those into an album. I don’t want to say much more about it now and talk myself into any corners. If I get a special feeling like I did when Ray wrote that riff for ‘Sunny Afternoon,’ it’ll be a sign we should maybe do new Kinks music.”

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