By Jason Thomas

We see it again and again on social media, YouTube, and on TV news. In the day and age where everyone is walking around with a high-definition video camera in their pocket, footage captured by everyday folks like you and I is essential when telling the story of life in 2017, but all too often the footage is compromised. It’s tainted. It leaves you wanting much, much more, and that’s because the video has been shot vertically. Of course, when crazy s— is going down, adrenaline is pumping, and someone does well to capture any video at all that can maybe later be used as important evidence, or can be an incredible help when trying to apprehend a wrongdoer, that’s understandable. I’m not gonna rag on someone for shooting vertical video in a scary situation, but I will rag on videos that were obviously shot with the intent of being viewed and/or shared for enjoyment at a later date. If you’re going to take some video at a concert where GNR is doing a cool Chris Cornell tribute and performing “Black Hole Sun,” wouldn’t you want to do it in a way that’ll look good on a computer or TV screen? I know that we hold our smartphones vertically when using them the rest of the time, but for the love of the rest of the planet, just shoot the video in landscape mode. Just look at the black abyss that exists on both sides of the skinny rectangle down below.

But hey, someone got it right…


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