We are featuring The Rolling Stones all day Friday.
What are my favorite Stones guitar licks?

Rolling Stones guitar solos are what make me tick… like a bomb.
Let me run it down for ya.

Best guitar chords in the acoustic category: You have to picture Keith Richards miking a small amplifier turned up to distortion level and then pounding his guitar like this.

Best guitar chords electric division. “One Hit (To the Body)” This may be a controversial choice, but I have to admit this latter period fulmination pins me to the wall. Starts with the tickle of an acoustic guitar and then those opening electric guitar chords get it done.

Best opening flourish: Mick Taylor’s understated dead on riff right at the beginning of “If You Can’t Rock Me.”

Best slide guitar solo. Mick Taylor on “Sway.” Only it’s not a slide he uses. It’s some kind of double finger trickery. Don’t you wish you could have been in the studio and heard the whole solo before the engineer started fading it out. This is one of the greatest crimes in rock history. Let him play.

Best guitar solo in a Rolling Stones song? “Hand of Fate.” It came off the album “Black and Blue” and many of the biggest Stones fans I’ve met don’t know who played the guitar solo. It was Muscle Shoals studio sideman, Wayne Perkins, who played the two searing guitar solos. He was being considered as a replacement for the departed Mick Taylor. The Stones chose their old party buddy, Ronnie Wood, instead.

Best guitar jam? “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking.” This track contains the most dramatic rhythm guitar open of all time and then contains an extended Mick Taylor guitar solo that reminds us why the Mick Taylor Rolling Stones were the best Rolling Stones.


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