By Emma Mac

Radio is a strange form of media. I’m alone in a room talking to an audience I can only envision in my mind. It offers an almost cowardly platform to perform from, and makes it fantastic bait for the comedy world.

In an epic roast of radio, here are a few of my favorite radio satires:

NPR’s Delicious Dish
This classic spoof pokes fun at the relaxed delivery and naivety of a few well-intentioned hosts. Let the giggles ensue.

Parks and Rec’s Crazy Ira and the Douche
Nick Kroll has a blast with the idea of an immature, out of control shock jock. There aren’t enough clips floating around online to properly credit his persona, so this short one will have to do:

KLOG Radio
Dan Aykroyd struggles to balance AM and FM radio as Morning Show Host Kid Casey and smooth FM DJ Kenneth Wardell.

B108 FM Morning Show
On Shakopee’s hottest hip-hop morning show, B108, hosts “The Buffalo,” played by Bobby Moynihan, and “Richard,” played by Taran Killam introduce their new intern, Busty Rhymes (Jennifer Lawrence) who freestyle raps but can’t rhyme.

The Irish Radio Hour
This SNL Throwback pokes more fun at being Irish than being on the radio, but it’s still pretty funny.

SNL doesn’t discriminate when it comes to radio- podcasts are free game for roasting too. When the true crime podcast “Serial” exploded a few years ago, they were on it.

What other radio spoofs am I missing? Let me know via Twitter or Facebook.


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