By Richard Milne

I confess to being somewhat easy prey for Dream Dream, the new release from Secret Colours. Tommy Evans and his crew have made an album of ear candy that hook happy DJs like myself go gaga over. At least this DJ has. Most of the tunes clock in at under 3 minutes yet are rife with the twists and turns of classic pop. I dig the fact that altho these tunes pull me in with ease, most of them are of the “hit it and quit it” variety. They leave me wanting to hit repeat more often than not. There’s substance to Dream Dream, too. There’s an overall theme of disconnect caused by the unbridled preoccupation with gadgetry that occupies the mental space that could otherwise be engaged in observation of one’s surroundings or just flat out dreaming, day or otherwise (thus, Dream Dream). But, every one of these 12 tracks has got a melodic vocal or riff that, once again, is like, I dunno, a snow cone to a sugar addict (sorry, I lost the thread of whatever analogy I was trying to make because I was looking at my phone…c’mon, I kid!) Bottom line is, I was torn as to whether to invite Secret Colours on as guests this week but badass and fun tunes like “Pins and Needles”, “Places I’m Going” and “Save Me” won out. We’ll chat, these men of Secret Colours and myself, about this and that and exactly why “Places I’m Going” is one of my most listened to songs of the year. Tune in this Sunday night at 10:30 (yessir, 10:30) for music and conversation with Secret Colours on Local Anesthetic here on XRT.

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