By Emma Mac

There’s a rumor floating around that instead of waging war against the White Walkers in Season 8, Jon Snow, Daenerys and all of their followers settle their dispute in a friendly game of baseball. I know it’s true because I read it on the internet. Now that we know what’s coming, I figured our main characters could use songs for walking up to the plate. So here we go:

Jon Snow: “Turn The Page” – Bob Seger
People have criticized how much the pace of the show has increased over the final few episodes of the season. The characters seem to travel from place to place instantly. But I just picture Jon Snow singing “here I am, on the road again,” and Theon Greyjoy backing him with that sweet saxophone riff.

The Hound: “Shattered” – Rolling Stones
This one goes out to The Hound because he loves provoking those White Walkers. AND SHATTERED IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU HIT THOSE ZOMBIES REAL HARD!

Cersei Lannister: “Cold Little Heart” – Michael Kiwankua
Cersei, Cersei, Cersei. You ruthless, cold hearted dishonest wench. I have a feeling you will be eaten by White Walkers in Season 8.

Jorah Mormont: “Don’t You Forget About Me” – Simple Minds
Poor Jorah. You overcame greyscale in the name of love, and you have a rude awakening in store. She didn’t forget about you, she’d just rather sleep with her nephew over you.

Samwell Tarly: “I Walked With A Zombie” – Roky Erickson
You sure did Samwell, you even stuck it to one of ‘em. And now you’re back to kill more with your mind skills!

Arya and Sansa Stark: “Family Affair” – Sly and the Family Stone
These sisters really had me going this season. Arya had zero chill with her faces, and was the title of Lady Stark getting to Sansa’s head? Nope, it was a family affair for these she-wolves.

Petyr Baelish: “You Get What You Give” – New Radicals
Karma, dear Petyr. Karma and bucket hats.

Daenerys Targaryen: “Never Going Back Again” – Fleetwood Mac
Daenerys’ character growth has been the most fun to watch throughout the seasons. She was a young girl bullied by her brother and now she’s the god damn Mother of Dragons. I think she would agree with this theme – she’s never going back again.

Tyrion Lannister: “Stand By My Girl” – Dan Auerbach
Everybody loves to cheer for the underdog, and Tyrion has one of the most successful storylines of anyone. He seems to have sobered up, and his loyalty to Daenerys and abandonment of his sister are undeniable. Also, he kind of has to stand by Daenerys- because she’ll kill him if he don’t.

Jamie Lannister: “Left Hand Free” – Alt J
Hee hee hee.

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