Beck, Weezer, St. Vincent. New Noise at Nine – Thursday 10/26/2017

Author: Ryan Arnold

It’s a treat to hear straight from the artist the stories behind their music.  I spoke with Beck recently about his new album Colors and learned about his favorite song.  You can hear the entire interview here.  We played his favorite song (SPOILER ALERT!) “Dear Life” along with new music from St. Vincent, Calexico, and Weezer. Check out the whole playlist below and follow 93XRT on Spotify.

A simple ask I make every week – if you’re digging the tunes you hear on New Noise at Nine, support the artists and bands who make ’em by seeing a live show and buying their music from, whenever possible, a local, independent, or family-owned music store.  Let me know what you’ve been listening to!  Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, Insta , and Spotify – my handle on all three is RyanArnoldRocks.

Your pal,
Ryan A.



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