By Marty Rosenbaum

Just when you think the back and forth arguments between D’arcy Wretzky and Billy Corgan couldn’t get anymore bizarre, it goes to another level.

Alternative Nation published a long interview with Wretzky (which you can read in its entirety here) about a wide range of topics relating to The Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan, and what her life was like after she left the Pumpkins in 1999.

Before beginning the interview, Wretzky offered a response to The Smashing Pumpkins’ statement about her exclusion in the reunion.

“[Billy] has been telling people, ‘Well [The Smashing Pumpkins] haven’t played with [D’arcy] at all in 18 years.’ Right dumba#@, because then it wouldn’t be a reunion! He says that he’s invited me to come out and play for all of these things, which is a complete lie. He’s never invited me to anything. In fact, my feelings were a little bit hurt because he did the solo album tour, and he didn’t tell me when it started. I was texting him saying, ‘Where the f$*& are you dumba@$?’ He’s like, ‘Oh, I’m in New York. The tour started.’ Then I’m like, ‘Where are you?’ ‘Oh, the tour ended, you missed it.’ He thinks it’s a privilege for anyone to be in his presence, so therefore he shouldn’t have to tell me, and I shouldn’t have to be invited.”

Below are some selected quotes Wretzky provided. If you want to read her entire interview, head over to Alternative Nation.

On leaving the band in the middle of MACHINA/The Machines of God recordings in 1999.

“That was more towards the end of the recording actually. We probably did most of it before the tour, and I was told by both James and Billy that they were going to change my basslines and re-record them, but for the most part they didn’t. It was mostly my stuff, and they actually sent me some of the Gold records from it. Now Billy is saying that’s not true. You must have seen his lovely Instagram post, he’s saying now that he isn’t throwing shade, but with the hashtag #becarefulwhatyouwishfor. No, that was directed totally at me, the whole thing.”

“But the thing with that was I was going through a really bad time, I didn’t know what was happening, I was having a nervous breakdown. I had 30 plus panic attacks a day, I didn’t know what it was, it was terrible. The day after the tour, I had tried to quit two or three times, but it’s difficult to do when you have everybody, my husband, my family, telling me, ‘No, no, just wait until the next record. All of these people are depending on you, all of these people who work for you guys, don’t just think of yourself.’ I just should have left a couple of years earlier.”

On if she and Corgan were ever friends and their relationship.

“No, no. We were never friends. It was never cordial. He just would throw tantrums and I would laugh at him. James would say, ‘Don’t laugh at Billy!’ Why not? Who died and made him God? We would be writing a song, and he would say, ‘That’s not the right bassline!’ ‘Oh, you’re telling me it’s written already?’”

On recording with the Pumpkins.

“There’s so much ugliness. Billy loved to humiliate people and shame people in front of other people. It was incredibly abusive, and I was the only one who would fight back. I think he and Jimmy got in a couple fights, and he and James maybe five, but with he and I it was screaming matches all the time. I just got to the point where I couldn’t fight anymore, and I needed to leave.”

On her life after the Pumpkins and as a musician.

“The thing is I never let it (being a rock star) become my identity. I didn’t identify myself as being a rock star, I’ve always been a musician. I come from two families of musicians, and people who did the arts on both sides going way back. I never thought of myself as an entertainer, that was my biggest fault. What really knocked me down was I didn’t take fame seriously enough. I didn’t take it seriously at all, and I have a very dry sense of humor, so I would say things sarcastically.”

On James Iha joining the Smashing Pumpkins at a show in 2016 and her communication with Corgan during that time period.

“My reaction to James being there was I was kind of proud of him in a way. I was kind of curious, I’ve been out of the business for so long I wouldn’t even know how to go about showing up at a show, and I would never feel comfortable doing it because I wouldn’t know if I was welcome or not.”

“Everyone said he (Corgan) changed since he had a kid, and he can be very charming, and fun. He’s fun to talk to; I enjoy mental sparring with him. I just was so out of that world for the longest time, I wasn’t aware of a lot of the crazy stuff, like he supports Trump. What? The shapeshifting thing, I honestly think he may have a brain tumor. He’s always been insufferable.”

On her communication with James Iha and Jimmy Chamberlain in 2016.

“There were no talks, nobody ever approached me. As far as I know, nobody every approached James either, or me.”

On her desire to participate in a Smashing Pumpkins reunion.

“I would love to, but Billy will never do it. Not in this lifetime.”

If she has a desire to release music.

“Whenever I think about releasing music, I just feel like, what’s the point?”

You can read her entire interview with Alternative Nation here.

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