Emma Mac

DJ: Overnights, Weekends

You can hear me on-air overnight from midnight – 5:30 am, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and filling in on weekends. I also host the show ‘Deep Digs at Dawn’ every Saturday morning from 6:30 – 8:00, where we dig deep into the XRT Library and hear some live recordings, unique covers, and lesser heard songs from the XRT Artists we all love. [Read More]

XRT’s Holiday Concerts for the Kids: Going to any of these shows? Bring a toy or book!

You won’t want to show up empty handed!


Songs About the Radio for XRT Loyalists

Hey, mister on the radio, please play my favorite song!


Everything Now! Check Out Last Night’s Arcade Fire Setlist

We turn the speakers up till they break.


3 Great Shows In Chicago Benefitting Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief

Catch some great live music all while supporting a great cause.


Songs to Ease the Pain of the Cubs Loss

There’s always last year.


Some Light for Those Processing Our #MeToo Experiences

…it’s now Wednesday. This means that over the past 4 days, most of us have relived our experiences. Moments waiting in a grocery store line or at a stop light are fair game for drifting off into a memory that had been pushed to the bottom of the deck.


4 Highly Anticipated Albums That Come Out Today

Distract yourself from the inevitable garbage heap of political news that is to come.


Why Losing an Artist is like Losing a Friend

“I’ll be your bleedin’ heart, I’ll be your cryin’ fool.
Don’t let this go too far, don’t let it get to you.”


Everything You Need To Know About This Weekend’s Goose Island 312 Block Party

It’s gonna be a sweaty one this weekend, so we might as well drink all the beer.


A Peace Offering to Chicago’s New Inhabitant: The Mothman

I’ll play anything you want, just don’t eat me. Okay, almost anything.




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