Leslie Witt

I can’t help it. It’s my passion, though people who know me would argue that it is an obsession. XRT became “Chicago’s Finest Rock” station more than 40 years ago, and doing the math, I realize I’ve been a weekend DJ here for most of those years. Yikes! For now I’m just popping in for a shift here or there. [Read Leslie’s Full Bio]

Tom Petty’s Mudcrutch Revival

It was a sweaty evening full of winning songs, stellar playing, and collaborative spirit, revealing yet another side of Petty’s genius.


JC Brooks Brings the Uptown Sound to Uptown

JC Brooks’ Uptown Sound bounced through Chicago’s Uptown last weekend in a punkafunkadelicious free show.


Florence + The Machine Channel Storm’s Energy For A Dramatic Close To Lollapalooza 2015

Florence Welch hit Lolla’s headline stage with bare feet, clad in a satin silver suit, her long reddish curls and graceful hands flowing with gusts of wind under darkening clouds. Before “What the Water Gave Me” was finished, she was dashing, jumping and twirling across the stage, apparently fully healed after suffering a broken foot […]


McCartney’s Lolla Debut a Smash Hit

Chalk up another one for Sir Paul McCartney, former Beatle, Wingsman and prolific solo artist to this day. McCartney opened with “Magical Mystery Tour,” then licked a finger and held it up to gauge and engage the “Lollapaloozans.” “Hot,” he concluded with a smile. Still boyish and charismatic at 73, McCartney kept an energetic pace […]


Ryan Adams Rocks, Regales, Reveals at Chicago Theater XRT Show

His music can hit like a thunderstorm or soothe like a summer sprinkle. Either way, it sinks in and feels real. Winning fans since his days with Whiskeytown, Adams has continued to evolve as a collaborator, producer and solo artist, releasing a self-titled album last month. Last Thursday, backed by a galaxy of lights and a supportive band, the denim clad, shaggy haired Adams opened a sold-out show with the leadoff single, “Gimme Something Good.” Check out another new one,”Stay With Me.”


Feel Good Songs For When You Need Them Most [Playlist]

Music can be a powerful elixir for whatever ails you, be it money trouble, a health scare or a broken heart. Lou Reed once told us that Jenny’s “life was saved by rock ‘n’ roll.” So if your spirit is sinking, keep afloat with these songs:


Southern Soul Super Session

“This ain’t no boy band” declared one member of the Southern Soul Assembly, prompting a hearty round of laughter. Fans of these singer-songwriter-instrumentalists, each acclaimed in his own right, might instead call them a super-group.


Alvin Ailey Dances to The White Stripes

The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater intersects with rock ‘n roll’s Jack White this week at Chicago’s Auditorium Theater. It may seem a surprising mash-up, but bending boundaries in dance and music is part of what makes Ailey performances a thrill.


Franz Ferdinand Has The Right Stuff At Vic XRT Show 10/10/13

Franz Ferdinand has crafted a sound all it’s own that hit just right at a sold-out XRT show at the Riviera Theater 10/10/13


Luminescent Songs For This Weekend’s Supermoon [Playlist]

Let’s hope for clear skies in Chicagoland so we can fully appreciate the biggest, brightest moon of 2013. A supermoon, in astrological parlance, occurs when the crest of a lunar full phase overlaps with perigee, the point in the moon’s elliptic orbit where the moon is closest to earth. Peak time is Sunday, June 23, […]



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