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Lin Brehmer is the indefatigable host of the XRT Morning Show. On the morning of Dec. 30th 1991, he placed a needle on the record, “This Must Be the Place” by Talking Heads to augur a new chapter in a radio career that began in 1977. He has anchored the XRT Morning Show ever since. His insouciant charm has inspired XRT News Anchor Mary Dixon to leave and come back and leave and come back and leave and come back. The two of them can be heard 5:30-10am Monday through Friday. [Read Lin’s Full Bio]

The Dan Of Steel & Walter Becker

In the early days of FM radio, there was psychedelic rock, folk rock, hard rock, blues rock and then over on a stylistic shelf all their own, there was Steely Dan.


Lin’s Bin: Why Aren’t Kids Playing Outside? [Read]

I don’t know if there is enough faith left in the world to let kids have the same kind of freedom today.


The Ultimate Game of Thrones Playlist For The Season Finale

With the season finale of G.O.T. Sunday night, we can only imagine how many people will get together with friends to watch this dragon tale unfold. You should really plan a playlist for pre-Game cocktails.


Lin’s Bin: For Empty Nesters [Listen]

College essays. Deadlines. Visits to a campus. The days slip by with all the subtlety of a hammer on an anvil.


Lin’s Bin: Is He “The One?”

That way he has of laughing like a braying donkey that you can overlook? You can’t overlook.


Lin’s Bin: What Happens When You Sell Your Soul to the Devil?

We are talking about the allure of suspended consequences.


Lin’s Lolla Picture Book

I’ve managed to attend most of the gatherings since 2005. This year it was a Friday, Saturday and Sunday affair for me.


Lin’s Bin: Tanning

Maybe you remember teenage girls using Johnson’s baby oil in the hopes it would accelerate the tanning process.


Reasons to Celebrate the 36th Annual American Music Festival at Fitzgerald’s [Watch]

How do they fit all that music into such a small club? It’s not the size of the club; it’s the depth of their heart. And Fitzgerald’s has plenty of that.


Rock Stars as Role Models. [Read]

Let me start by saying the only thing more ridiculous than looking to professional athletes to be role models is looking to rock stars to be role models.




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