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Check out some movie reviews from a Chicagoan’s perspective. The Regular Guy tells it like he sees it and now you can tell us how you see it too! Listen to reviews and post your comments!

A Regular Guy Reveals The Secret Life of Pets

“This turns into a comedy-action-adventure with a lot of slapstick, really funny lines, and many things that pet owners and kids who have pets can relate to.”


A Regular Guy Crashes A Review for Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

“A bunch of bits strung together; some of ’em work, some of ’em don’t, with most of the da funny stuff just coming from da performances of da cast.”


A Regular Guy Swings Down with The Legend of Tarzan Review

“He’s gotta fight a gorilla that he used to know from the neighborhood, but he also gets to renew his friendship with some lions and elephants and a kindly native king.”


A Rock Solid Review of Central Intelligence

“This is more than just a one joke, psych gag, opposite buddy action-comedy. It’s smarter and a little more subtler than you think.”


A Deep Review from A Regular Guy

“It’s all fun, reasonably exciting, and Ellen DeGeneres proves that Dory not only can steal a picture…she can carry one too.”


Now You See Me 2: A Tricky Review from A Regular Guy

“You know that the tables will be turned and what you see isn’t necessarily what you get.”


Did Angry Birds Make A Regular Guy Feel the Same Way?

“Phase Two of his (Apocalypse) plan calls for turning everybody in the world into dust ,so it’s up to the X-Men of the ’80s to stop this guy.”


A Regular Guy Goes Back in Time to Review X-Men: Apocalypse

“Phase Two of his (Apocalypse) plan calls for turning everybody in the world into dust, so it’s up to the X-Men of the ’80s to stop this guy.”


Neighbors 2: A Mature Review from A Regular Guy

“It’s very funny in the same kinda gross, offensive…and smarter than you think way that made Neighbors good.”


Did Nice Guys Finish Last or Come Out Ahead for A Regular Guy?

“A movie that’s got huge laughs, a large body count an’ multiple fractures.”


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