Saturday Morning Flashback

Saturday Mornings from 9 AM – 12 PM

Saturday Morning Flashback: 1976 [Playlist]

Can more cultural touchstones be crammed into 366 days? Yes, even with a leap year, there was a lot going on in 1976


Saturday Morning Flashback: 1989 [Playlist]

We spent some quality time once again enjoying the sound of other days on Saturday Morning Flashback.


Saturday Morning Flashback: 1979 [Playlist]

This week we time-tripped 38 years to 1979.


Saturday Morning Flashback: 1985 [Playlist]

1985 came and went again but this time it only took three hours because we skipped all the boring parts.


Saturday Morning Flashback: 1993 [Playlist]

Our weekly time travel found us drifting almost a quarter-century back to 1993.


Saturday Morning Flashback: 1980 [Playlist]

The trip back to 1980 went well with just a few glitches including an on air whoop into a hot mic during the rousing conclusion to “Even It Up” by Heart (which only made the song more exciting in my opinion) and some slight chronal addling of the presenter’s brain.


Saturday Morning Flashback: 1995 [Playlist]

We hit the mid 90’s on Saturday Morning Flashback and we recalled when Coolio had us in a Gangsta’s Paradise, Mel Gibson wore a kilt in Braveheart all the way to Oscar gold and we listened to music from soundtracks to Batman Forever & Empire Records.


Saturday Morning Flashback: 1992 [Playlist]

There were two songs about big love, a one-hit wonder, some good covers, a sequel to a classic album and even some choice words from Isaac Asimov.


Saturday Morning Flashback: 1987 [Playlist]

It was 1987 and, as always, the laws of cause and effect were not violated.


Saturday Morning Flashback: 1991 [Playlist]

Once again, the tricky time currents were navigated successfully and the year 1991 returned to the airwaves.


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