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Saturday Morning Flashback: 1995 [Playlist]

We hit the mid 90’s on Saturday Morning Flashback and we recalled when Coolio had us in a Gangsta’s Paradise, Mel Gibson wore a kilt in Braveheart all the way to Oscar gold and we listened to music from soundtracks to Batman Forever & Empire Records.


Saturday Morning Flashback: 1992 [Playlist]

There were two songs about big love, a one-hit wonder, some good covers, a sequel to a classic album and even some choice words from Isaac Asimov.


Saturday Morning Flashback: 1987 [Playlist]

It was 1987 and, as always, the laws of cause and effect were not violated.


Saturday Morning Flashback: 1991 [Playlist]

Once again, the tricky time currents were navigated successfully and the year 1991 returned to the airwaves.


Saturday Morning Flashback: 1989 [Playlist]

Yes, that meant we got to jump around like fish to Faith No More!


Wendy’s Final Saturday Morning Flashback Playlist: 1978

It’s been a wonderful run. The XRT family includes both colleagues and listeners, and those relationships – along with the music – are what I will always treasure. Thank you for listening and for all your thoughtful and sincere wishes.


Saturday Morning Flashback: 1968 [Playlist]

When you consider 1968, many adjectives come to mind…


Saturday Morning Flashback: 1985 [Playlist]

It was a year when musicians donated their time and talents to major fundraising projects…


Saturday Morning Flashback: 1974 [Playlist]

The first WXRT Listener Poll was conducted in 1973, but it seems no one had the foresight to save a copy of the results…


Saturday Morning Flashback: 1970 [Playlist]

The drama and turmoil of the year helped to inspire many influential musicians…


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