From The 80's Obscurity File [Playlist]These are songs that may not be obscure to anyone who listened to XRT in the 80's. In the rest of the world, these songs did not really exist. If you were to mention these songs to people elsewhere they might look at you, to borrow a phrase, as if lobsters were climbing out of your ears. The 80's were a whole lot more than just Michael Jackson.
4D Flashback: Television In 1972 [Listen]
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1988: Our Year In Music [Inside XRT]
1987: The Music Year That Was [Inside XRT]
Top 5 Reasons Prince Ruled The 80's
Giving Peace A Chance In 1983
The Debut Of ONXRT: Live From The Archives, Volume 1 [Inside XRT]
Lin Brehmer... From Every Angle [XRT 4D Flashback]
DJ Favorites Of The 90s [Inside XRT]
Essential Electronic Music of the '90s [Playlist]
Cleveland Rocks: The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Opens In 1995

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