30 Debut Discs Every Rock Fan Should OwnSome artists just get it right the first time. Here then some debuts that captured a musical moment in time, launched a great career, or simply rocked from front to back, over and over again.
The Rick Nielsen Guitar Rating
Don't Press Pause! 20 Of The Best Albums From Beginning To EndWhen you hear that one of your favorite bands is coming out with a new album, an abundance of thoughts come to your mind. The first one usually is, when does the single come out? It finally comes out and you love it, and you are so excited for the album to be released. It's finally released, but only the single or a few songs are actually entertaining to you. That’s never a good feeling. Putting an album out that is “single-heavy” is like writing a novel and putting all the action in the first chapter.
A First Look At The Most Anticipated Albums Of 2014
10 Of The Best Albums Recorded At HomeThe glam of a recording studio comes with a high price tag, which is why it comes as no surprise that many artists today opt for the low cost do it yourself mentality of producing an album within the confines of their own home. With the accessibility of production programs on a computer, the home recording has become the standard for new and emerging artists. The high profile equipment of a recording studio is reserved for high profile artists, but this hasn't always been the case. Many great artists recorded some of their best albums outside of a studio.
Ever Buy Vinyl On Amazon? Get The MP3s For Free
The 25 Weirdest Album Covers In RockInspired by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs new album, 'Mosquito' we spotlight some of the more memorable album covers in rock. Who's unusual album art makes your list?
Beatles Vinyl To Be Released In Massive Box Set This FallFor the last three years, Abbey Road has been the top-selling vinyl album, so clearly there's still an audience interested in buying Beatles records in their original format. Or at least that's the thought behind a new 16-LP box set comprised of every Beatles album, the "Magical Mystery Tour" soundtrack and "Past Masters" rarities collections.
New Albums From Dr. John, Elvis Costello, Ian Anderson This Week
Ten Intriguing Albums Expected For 2012
Most Anticipated Albums Of 2011 - From Coldplay To The Cars, R.E.M. To Radiohead

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