Did The Chicago White Sox Actually Win The 2005 World Series?Much like the moon landing, the White Sox 2005 World Series victory has been questioned lately.
Chicago White Sox Help Restock Memorabilia Collection Of 9 Year Old Who Lost Everything In California FiresThe White Sox wasted no time making sure the fan's collection got back up to speed.
Len & Lin: This Must Be the (First) Place [Listen]"Very often if the crowd responded favorably, it was because the Cubs did something right."
Len & Lin: Crosstown Series Set to Ignite [Listen]"Life isn't perfect, but it's been pretty close to it for the Chicago Cubs coming out of the All-Star break."
Len & Lee: Quintana's Way Up [Listen]"No question this is the kind of trade the Cubs would have made. from the White Sox perspective, about three years ago."
For Opening Day at Sox Park We make a beginning. Tobacco chaws and rally caps. Sliders and split fingers. Deep green fields and long white lines.
Raise the Banner: Your Ultimate 2017 Chicago Baseball PreviewThere's a magic in the smell of the air. College basketball is heating up, and of course the boys of summer are getting ready down in Arizona.
There Were So Many Dogs At The White Sox Game YesterdayHere's a promotion everyone can get behind!
The 5 Best Names Twitter Came Up With For The White Sox's Stadium Name ChangeSince Guarantee Rate Field doesn't really roll off the tongue, here are five alternatives that Twitter suggested.
Len & Lin: Dissecting Trade Rumors & Crosstown Cup [Listen]"Theo Epstein and his group do their due diligence; character matters, so I'm sure they've done their research and are convinced that [Aroldis Chapman'll] be a positive influence in the clubhouse and be a contributor."
Len & Lennartz: Meatloaf and Potato Chips [Listen]"You really don't want to overpay for a relief pitcher; remember a former administration trading a very young pitcher by the name of Jon Garland to the White Sox for Matt Karchner."
Len & Lee: The Second Half Starter [Listen]"It was nice to kinda get away and just be a normal member of society without having to travel all over the country and just kinda kick my feet up a little bit, spending as much time as possible at home. I'm refreshed and ready to get back to the ballpark; there's nothing like a Friday matinee at Wrigley Field."

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