8 of the Best Covers by Chris Cornell"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."
PSA: When Planning Your Lolla Weekend, Don't Forget the Little Guys!Don't forget what Father Tweedy said, "The best band will never get signed."
Diary of an Overnight DJ: Chili, Blondies, and Music for The SoulBecause now, being a woman is a preexisting condition.
Cats: They're Not So Bad After All [Playlist]It's a cat-eat-cat world.
Diary of an Overnight DJ: An Update of the Overnight ShenanigansI didn't want it to come to this... but clicking on this article will actually absolve you of your sins.
Diary of an Overnight DJ: Happy St. Patrick's Month!Enjoy your St. Patrick's Celebration! And remember, not everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day. So don't go thinking you can drink like the Irish do.
Diary of an Overnight DJ: Songs for the Polar PlungeGo jump in a lake!
Diary of an Overnight DJ: Venturing into Daylight HoursRadio (for me, at least) is a crazy mind game of trying to speak normally while imagining that embarrassing thing you did 10 years ago and wondering if anyone remembers you for it, not to mention trying not to nose breathe into the microphone.
Diary of an Overnight DJ: Quintessential Valentunes [Playlist]Valentine's day is upon us, and although it's not as sexy a Holiday as Easter or President's Day, it definitely calls for some love songs. Here are a few classics that might fly under the radar:
Diary of an Overnight DJ: Songs for Lin BrehmerWhen I tell people I work at XRT there are a few common questions that follow. I get a lot of, "do the DJ's really pick the music?" or, "why so much U2?" or my very favorite, "so what's Lin Brehmer really like?"
Diary of an Overnight DJ: The 3 Stages of Getting SickThe symptoms are not stopping, only getting worse by the minute. Now you're thinking, "how long will it last!? Will I have to miss work? Will it hurt to drink wine!?"
Diary of an Overnight DJ: Gimme Some Lovin'There's so much hate and anger floating around right now, so how about a few minutes for some love?

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