Lin's Lolla Picture BookI've managed to attend most of the gatherings since 2005. This year it was a Friday, Saturday and Sunday affair for me.
Chris Cornell R.I.P. From XRT Morning Show [Listen]Enjoy this clip from a 2013 interview with XRT.
Len & Lin: Warming Up for Hot Stove Cool Music Tonight [Listen]"There are two people getting together who are contemporaries, who ended up reminiscing for much of the night during rehearsal and to have these two guys together on stage... they've toured together, but they've never played together and it just works."
5 Ways to Warm Up This JanuaryIf you are like the majority of us living in Chicago right now, you probably don’t want to be outside in the below freezing temperatures longer than you have to. Sure, when it actually snows, the city can be quite scenic. But to many, so can the inside of a Starbucks (where they’d rather be). When seeking shelter from the cold, though, why not settle in a place that has great live music? Nothing heats you up in quite the same manner, so here’s a list of five ways to warm up this January.
Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros @ Metro Chicago.
Doctor At The College of Rock & Roll Knowledge
Late Night With Purity Ring At Metro Chicago [Concertgoers Blog]Have you ever wondered what Homer’s Odysseus heard when he tied himself to the mast in order to hear the Siren’s otherworldly voices? Ms. James certainly supplied an answer with her enchanting voice, which is just dripping with honey and mystique. Purity Ring’s sound has been dubbed “witch house,” which comes as no surprise after attending one of their shows. Their opener “Amenamy,” she proved that she’s a breed all her own: part siren, part witch and part enchantress. After their 45 minute set, they left the stage and the atmosphere took a turn for the dreamy. Fog machines fired up and pumped up massive clouds of smoke, the twenty cocoon-like lights began to glow and a violet light filled the stage. Soon the space took on an ethereal quality as the fog took over the whole room.
New Chicago Music On This Sunday's Local Anesthetic
JC Brooks At Metro Thanksgiving Eve
Anesthetic Playlist For October 7, 2012 with JD McPherson [Playlist & Free Download]
Stream Bob Mould's New Studio LP, 'Silver Age' [First Listen]
Company of Thieves On This Week's Anesthetic

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