Cubs vs. YankeesFor years I have made it clear that I reserve the month of October for the once remote possibility that The Chicago Cubs would fill up those days with postseason baseball.
Len & Lin: A List of Worries As Yanks Sweep Cubs [Listen]"It doesn't feel like the Cubs are going to win tonight, but this is the kind of game that you do win. The Rockies are rested, they were home, you've got a bullpen that's completely in tatters right now because of all the innings, but you find a way."
A Look Inside The Cubs Record Setting Marathon Game Against The YankeesIf you stayed up to watch the all 18 innings of the Cubs-Yankees game last night, you deserve a bottomless cup of coffee!
Len & Lin: Dissecting Trade Rumors & Crosstown Cup [Listen]"Theo Epstein and his group do their due diligence; character matters, so I'm sure they've done their research and are convinced that [Aroldis Chapman'll] be a positive influence in the clubhouse and be a contributor."
Lin Brehmer Remembers A Yogi Berra He Could Never Forget [Listen]Yankees and baseball legend Yogi Berra has taken the proverbial fork in the road at the age of ninety. He's known to younger generations for his malaproprisms and to baseball fans everywhere for his stunning accomplishments, including playing in 14 World Series (an MLB-record 75 World Series games played), winning 10 championships, catching the only perfect game in World Series history and being voted American League MVP 3 times over Yankee teammates Phil Rizzuto, Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford. Lin Brehmer grew up in New York a Yankees fan where he observed a lot about Berra by watching him:
Len & Lin: Birds of a Feather [Listen]Cubs TV play-by-play man Len Kasper welcomes Lin back from his vacation as the Cubs fall 3 out of 4 games to the St. Louis Cardinals. You gotta grudgingly respect the Cards; their ace is out for the season, they lose Pujols a few years ago and have their Hall of Fame manager retire, and yet they still win. All the time. Annoyingly. But they're a really good team with sound fundamentals. The Cubs are in second place behind them, so this rivalry is going to heat up immensely. The road to Cubs glory goes through St. Louis.
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