Friday Will Now Be The Day New Albums Are ReleasedAfter months of deliberation, the global recording industry has settled on Friday as the release date for new albums. So much for making Tuesday's brighter!
Chuck D Named Ambassador of Record Store Day 2014Jack White was selected as the official ambassador of Record Store Day in 2013, this year it's the co-founder of a legendary rap group. Chuck D from Public Enemy will be the official ambassador for Record Store Day on Saturday, April 19th. Record Store Day takes place every year inside independent record shops across the world to celebrate the culture of record stores by having in-store performances and special limited edition releases.
15 Of The Most Valuable & Rare Rock RecordsAre you a proud owner of an impressive record collection? Have that one special record you think is worth a lot? An extensive record collection is the coolest type of collection you can own. Maybe you have a record in your attic worth thousands and you don’t even know it yet. . Here are of some of the rarest rock records out there, so next time you are at a garage sale might you discover a real treasure while browsing through someone’s old vinyl.
Beatles Mobile Pop-Up Stores Hit NY and LAEarlier this week (November 13) Beatles fans in New York and Los Angeles were treated to mobile Beatle "pop-up shops." The "shops" were customized double decker buses, which made several stops. The buses served to promote the release of the Beatles' catalog on 180-gram vinyl LPs. The stores sold the LPs collectively as a box set, as well as individually; Beatles CDs and other merchandise was also on sale. In each city, a unique commemorative shirt from the event was sold (and sold quickly to eager Beatles collectors).
Pro Tip: Listen To Vinyl On The GoThere's an easy and relatively inexpensive way to turn the warmer tones from your vinyl into an easily transferable and transportable file. Vinyl-To-MP3 USB turntables will bring your vinyl onto your Mac or PC so you can store your extensive record collection on the shelf and take that vintage sound with you

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15 Of The Most Valuable Rock Records
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