Chris Robinson Forms New Band Dedicated To Black Crowes Music"It's been five years since I've up there just singing and putting my energies towards just that. That's something that'll be fun to get back into."
10 Songs For Your Sleep-Deprived Self [Playlist]If you’re like many other Blackhawks fans, you most likely just lost a lot of sleep staying up for the playoff game against the Nashville Predators. Likewise, you probably had a hard time getting up, missed your alarm, or went through your day in a groggy and/or grumpy fashion.
Chris Robinson Shares His Side Of Black Crowes BreakupA couple of weeks ago, Rich Robinson publicly decried his brother as a major reason why the Black Crowes are breaking up and admits he didn't think he could ever work again. In an interview with Billboard, Chris Robinson shared his side of the story.
Ten of the Best Songs Released Posthumously [Playlist]Everybody has a favorite musician they look up to, and when that artist passes away, it can feel like your best memories have vanished with them. The days you would race to the music store to grab your copy of their new album or wait in line for hours just to see them perform live; the people you were with and the places you were at when you first heard the songs that would soon become your favorites.
The Black Crowes Hint At Possible Retirement"But right now, the likelihood of us doing anything again is as low as it's ever been."
The Coffee Companion's Playlist
Ten Bands Of Brothers [Playlist]
Pot Playlist for Your Buzzed Pooch [Listen]Baked pot products are causing some rough side effects. If you find yourself in this situation, here’s a playlist to help mellow out your buzzed pooch.
The Pothole Playlist for Chicago's Rockiest Season [Playlist]If you’re from Chicago, you know the pothole scene all too well. If you’re like me, driving on roads in the Chicago area practically requires paranoid-like attention if you want any chance of dodging these holes. Hitting one can damage your car, knock you off your bike, or flat out ruin your day. So, as pothole season is anything but enjoyable, you can at least enjoy this great Pothole Playlist.
Prius Route to Rock, Vol. 83: The Black Crowes, Okkervil River, My Bloody Valentine

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