The One Thing That's Guaranteed To Ruin Your Vinyl RecordsDo not do this!
Happy Birthday To The Record Player!While today isn't the day Thomas Edison invented the phonograph, it does mark the 137th anniversary of Edison's patent approval for the product.
The Top 5 Selling Vinyl Records Of 2014 May Look FamiliarThe resurgence in vinyl sales has been ongoing for the past few years now and it showed no sign of dying down this year. According to the Wall Street Journal, sales of vinyl records are up 49% compared to this time last year. Over eight million records have been sold this year. Let's take a look at the top 5 best selling vinyl's from the Wall Street Journals report.
Is Urban Outfitters To Thank For The Resurgence In Vinyl?Vinyl records have seen a comeback in sales numbers over the past few years. Sales hit 6.1 million for 2013 and may be just as high, if not higher this year. Is it the sound of a record, the look of a turntable, or the feel of holding an LP that is causing the spike in numbers? We may not have an exact reason why vinyl sales are up in recent years, but one a major player in the vinyl game may be someone you least expect.
Ten Reasons Why Your Vinyl Records Are In Bad Shape
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