Saturday Morning Flashback: 1980 [Playlist]

December 11, 2017
By Frank E. Lee The trip back to 1980 went well with just a few glitches including an on air whoop into a hot mic during the rousing conclusion to "Even It Up" by Heart (which only made the song more exciting in my opinion) and some slight chronal addling of the presenter's brain. A brief anachronistic interlude occurred when Todd Rundgren's upcoming Holiday Concerts for the Kids were mentioned before a fine example of his work with Utopia and there were also some last minute additions to the playlist that nonetheless flowed seamlessly into the ether. Here's the tuneage: "Pressure Drop" by the Clash "Let My Love Open the Door" by Pete Townshend "Love Will Tear Us Apart" by Joy Division "Redemption Song" by Bob Marley and the Wailers "Her Strut" by Bob Seger "Girl You Want" by Devo "Call Me" by Blondie "Casa Dega" by Tom Petty "A Certain Girl" by Warren Zevon "Even It Up" by Heart "Mirror In The Bathroom" by English Beat "Crosseyed and Painless" by Talking Heads "People Who Died" by Jim Carroll Band "Ashes To Ashes" by David Bowie "This Beat Goes On/Switch Into Glide" by the Kings "8 Miles High" by Roxy Music "Caravan" by Utopia "While You See a Chance" by Steve Winwood "Sweet Home Chicago" by Lonnie Brooks "Me and the Boys" by NRBQ "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Queen "I'm A Rocker" by Bruce Springsteen "Generals and Majors" by XTC "Give Me Back My Man" by the B52s "I'm Losing You" by John Lennon "Expresso Love" by Dire Straits "Alabama Getaway" by Grateful Dead "That Girl Could Sing" by Jackson Browne "Games Without Frontiers" (German version) by Peter Gabriel "She's So Cold" by Rolling Stones "Pulling Mussels" by Squeeze "Girls Talk" by Elvis Costello "Canary in a Coalmine" by Police "Looking For Clues" by Robert Palmer "Cars" by Gary Numan "Games People Play" by Alan Parsons Project