Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Moby, U2. New Noise at Nine – Thursday 12/14/2017

December 14, 2017
How about Black Rebel Motorcycle Club coming out of hiding after 4 years?! Rumor has it they'll be on tour next year. Moby's take on "Motherless Child" features vocalist Rachel Rodriguez and is one of the most haunting version of this well-covered song. Check out the playlist from this week's show below and on 93XRT 's  Spotify page. If you're digging what you're hearing on New Noise at Nine, see a live show and buy music from, whenever possible, a local, independent, or family-owned music store.    Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, Insta , and Spotify - my handle on all three is RyanArnoldRocks and let me know what you find! Your pal, -Ryan A.