Donald Fagen Reveals What Future Holds For Steely Dan

December 20, 2017
Walter Becker's passing brought up a lot of questions as to what the future of Steely Dan looked like. Donald Fagen spoke with Rolling Stone's Music Now podcast for his first in depth interview since Becker's passing and gave insight on the subject. Currently, Fagen has continued touring under the Steely Dan moniker, but doesn't foresee that continuing on in the future. “I would actually prefer to call it Donald Fagen and the Steely Dan Band or something like that," he said (via Stereogum). However, promoters have insisted he continues calling it Steely Dan for commercial reasons. Fagen added, “That’s an ongoing debate. To me, Steely Dan was just me and Walter, really — it was like a concept we had together.” Additionally, Fagen spoke on the prospect of making a new Steely Dan record, something Becker wasn't interested in.
“Walter had some health problems, and especially after 2011-12, I think just being ill for so long, he had a little bit of a personality change and he was much more isolated, and he kinda wasn’t that interested in working on Steely Dan records anymore.”
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