Chris Robinson Forms New Band Dedicated To Black Crowes Music

January 10, 2018
While Black Crowes fans won't be getting a reunion tour, they'll be pleased to know Chris Robinson is planning a tour dedicated to the music of the Black Crowes. Robinson broke the news to Rolling Stone in a lengthy interview discussing his new project As the Crow Flies. Unlike his work with his band Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Robinson primarily play Black Crowes songs. He tells Rolling Stone, "We've discussed a few covers, but pretty much I want to just concentrate on the main Black Crowes albums, the songs that people will know." He added, "I want to play the songs that everyone wants to hear." The structure of the band will see Robinson taking on duties as the lead singer once again. "I'm going out as the lead singer, which will be cool too. It's been five years since I've up there just singing and putting my energies towards just that. That's something that'll be fun to get back into," he said. As the Crow Flies consists of Adam MacDougall (keyboard), Andy Hess (bass) and Audley Freed (guitar), along with Marcus King (guitar) and Tony Leone (drums). Robinson indicates this will likely be a one-off project with the band having no plans once they wrap up their tour in Portland, OR. However, he didn't rule out the possibility of doing more shows. "If we have a great time, we could do it again in a couple of years," he said. Inevitably, the conversation shifted to the possibilities of a Black Crowes reunion. When asked if there's any chance of a future reunion, Robinson said, "I mean, the only reason I could see that – I mean, the CRB (Chris Robinson Brotherhood) is my life – it would only be for money." As the Crow Flies will be performing in Chicago on April 24th at Thalia Hall. Connect With XRT On Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram