What's New Music In 2018?

January 12, 2018
Welcome to the inaugural episode of Inside The Archives! We spoke with BIG BEAT host Jason Thomas on a wide range of topics including why he doesn't listen to many albums anymore, what he considers new music, how much autonomy he has with the show, his favorite music of 2017, and why he likes to play music you don't normally hear on XRT, but still has that XRT sound. We also discuss the transformation of 00's bands like The Killers, Muse, Arcade Fire, and St. Vincent and how they've carved out their own place in the musical canon. Plus, we break down the latest music festival announcements (hello again Jack White), the ever entertaining Gallagher brother feud and the prospects of an Oasis reunion, as well as the glorious return of David Byrne. Connect With XRT On Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram