Five Reasons Dave Grohl Is One Of The Coolest Human Beings You Could Meet

This DJ is looking forward to play Foo Fighters on our Friday Feature

July 25, 2018
Foo Fighters

This week our Friday Feature is Foo Fighters and Stevie Ray Vaughan.  I can't wait.  Really.  Being a fan of the blues, I always look forward to playing Stevie on the radio.  I first saw him years ago at Chicago Fest, and when he was playing VooDoo Child I got the chills.  Will never forget it.  

And I'm really looking forward to playing the Foos because Dave Grohl is truly one of the coolest human beings you could hope to meet.  Plus the music is great.  Which is a big plus.  

Let me spell out what I love about Dave.

1)  He is sentimental.  They are playing Wrigley Field this Sunday and Monday, and he may not get the pulse rate that Eddie Vedder gets when Pearl Jam plays the friendly confines because Eddie bleeds blue, but it's not lost on Dave that Wrigley Field is amazing, and he gets all sentimental about playing across the street from the Cubby Bear.  The Cubby Bear was where he went to see Naked Raygun in 1983.  It was Dave's first concert.  Foo Fighters even played there a few years ago and Dave was excited about playing a club that had a place in his heart.  He remembers where he came from.  I love that about him.  And I love that Naked Raygun was his first concert!

2) He loves pizza and never misses a chance to visit Piece and take some pies on the plane for the rest of the band.  He has good taste and shares with his friends.  Good qualities in a human being.

3) He playes injured.  After breaking his leg during a show he kept on going and then played shows later with a cast on his leg.  Dave was not going to let down his audience.  And then they built that throne for him so he could keep on playing.  Gotta love that.  

4) He was responsible for that amazing series Sonic Highways.  He visited some of the great musical cities in the USA, including Chicago and my second home, New Orleans, and put out documentaries that thrilled me as a music fan and a music educator.  If you haven't seen it yet, put that on your to do list.  

5) He went to the White House and played at the concert where President Barak Obama gave the George Gershwin award to Paul McCartney.  Dave is still a fan.  He's in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Nirvana, and he'll get there again with the Foos, and he's still a fan.  We'll never see him jaded.  That night at the White House I approached Dave and his wife and told him the story of one of my students who died of cancer shortly after graduating.  I wanted Dave to know that this remarkable, lovable, brave young man turned to Times Like These as a song that helped him through that painful journey.  And how I learned from his brother that Dave Grohl was Sean's one and only man crush.  He got it.  Some would have thought I was weird to tell them a story like that.....they would have thought it was depressing.  Dave and his wife understood that is was more inspiration to keep making music that matters.  That touches our soul.  That gets us through the impossibly rough times on our journey.  How could I not love Dave Grohl.

So I'll see you on the radio Friday, and you know when I'm playing the Foos it will be full blast LOUD.