The 5 Songs That Changed George Ezra's Life

George Ezra shares the five songs that have helped shape his career.

September 18, 2018

George Ezra's dynamic sound has been shaped by a wide variety of musicians past and present. 

Ezra takes cues from icons like Bob Dylan & The Beatles as well as modern artists like Bon Iver. The influence of these songs not only lie in Ezra's music, but also in his memory as he recounts specific life experiences while listening to these tracks. 

Whether it was listening to Graceland while in the car with his parents, up in his bedroom mesmerized by discovering the sound of The Beatles, or seeing Keith Richards perform "You Got The Silver," Ezra has had his life impacted by each song. 

He shares the stories behind the songs that changed his life.

My 5: George Ezra

Paul Simon - "Graceland"

The Beatles - "Paperback Writer"

Bon Iver - "45"

Bob Dylan - "Girl From The North Country"

The Rolling Stones - "You Got The Silver"

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