Advice For Someone Seeing The Rolling Stones For The First Time

Plus, why seeing the Stones brings families together.

June 19, 2019

This is the third part of a five part series of conversation with 93XRT's Lin Brehmer & 670 The Score's Dan McNeil leading up to The Rolling Stones June 21st concert at Soldier Field.


Of the tens of thousands of fans that'll pack Soldier Field to see The Rolling Stones, there's likely a few whole will be experiencing the band for the first time.

Over the course of their career, Stones fans have grown up and had kids of their own. It's an experience both Lin Brehmer & 670 The Score's Dan McNeil have cherished as they've turned their children on to the music of The Rolling Stones. In fact, Lin's son told him after seeing the Stones, "Dad, now I know the meaning of life!"

Likewise, McNeil will be getting to share the experience with his son who as a drummer will be keeping a close eye on Charlie Watts throughout the evening. 

As far as advice goes for those seeing them for the first time? Be prepared to know nearly every song. There's few bands like The Rolling Stones who can roll out hit after hit after hit in concert. Still, McNeil & Brehmer both urge newcomers to go through the deep parts of the Stones catalog as the band is known to bust out rarities from time to time.

Regardless of whatever number Rolling Stones show this is for you, it's certain to be a once in a lifetime experience.