Alton Brown Releases Wonderfully Weird "Pop Song" Music Video

It's as if Devo, Thomas Dolby, and Kraftwerk got together to write a song about popcorn.

May 18, 2018

Byron Purvis/AdMedia


Snacking is about to get a lot weirder.

For those of you familiar with Alton Brown's work on his food series Good Eats, his latest video should come as no surprise as its full of quirky goodness that has made Brown loved by many.

Outside of food, Brown likes to write music. Sometimes, about food!

As Brown gets set to release his latest album Bitter Like Me, he shared the wonderfully weird music video for his song "Pop Song." 

The song sounds as if Devo, Thomas Dolby, and Kraftwerk all got together for a jam session while tasking David Byrne with writing lyrics about popcorn.

Take a look at the "Pop Song" video below and find more information about Bitter Like Me here.