Bio: Don Davis

February 27, 2018

Hey, is Chicago a great place to grow up or what?  Proud to be a product of the western suburbs, went to school here, and proud to have been raised on Chicago’s great radio stations, like WXRT.  You can’t help but love music when you hear it pumping out of the speakers from sunup to well past sundown!  Also have experienced great cities like DC, Philadelphia and LA, great except…they aren’t Chicago.  But they do have solid music scenes and are rich with both the big and little names that keep what we hear on the radio so vital and interesting. 

The artists that play the songs we love are such a rare breed, and they (usually) are truly distinctive people who are a pleasure to know offstage as well as on.  It’s an honor to get to tell their stories on the air.  Talking to Yoko, meeting unique characters like Steve Miller, Don Henley, Michael Hutchence, Bono, David Gilmour, Mick, Dylan, Petty and so many others helps me to tell their stories on the radio, and they created a few stories to tell, too.  Like getting to watch the Stones open a U.S. tour and the seatmates in our box were Phil, Tony and Mike from Genesis—great guys who love music the same way that we fans do.

Maybe the best shows aren’t the stadium extravaganzas, though.  They are the ones with the new and emerging bands at Schuba’s, the Hideout, Space, Empty Bottle, the Metro and the other great venues that Chicago is blessed with.  Their passion always reminds me of the first time seeing any young band that later became “big”—actually, anybody with the guts to get up on a stage and bare their musical souls is big in my humble opinion--that’s what makes music so magical, and keeps sending you back to those places to hear what’s coming next.  And that’s where XRT comes in…our music blend includes the greatest of rockers that we originally helped introduce to you and leaves plenty of room for the new voices that keep things fresh and dynamic.

So…really glad to be playing music for you on Sunday nights and wherever duty calls on WXRT…it’s doesn’t get any better than that!  


-Don Davis