GoFundMe Launched To Help Beloved Music Icon Matt Pinfield 'Get Better'

'If you know Matt Pinfield, you love Matt Pinfield'

May 13, 2020

‘90s kids remember him as the guy with way too much knowledge about every single Alternative band ever. Scratch that. Limiting his musical passion to just one genre would be doing music in general a disservice.

If it’s musical in nature, Matt Pinfield knows more about it than you. Period.

You may have recorded episodes of MTV’s 120 Minutes back in the day, so you could hear what Matt was blowing minds with while you were asleep, then ask your parents to take you record shopping the next day. You likely followed him over the years on the Internet where he kept music fans on the leading edge with interviews and discussions with bands new and old. And if you're not already, you should follow along with his current "at-home" project, In A Lonely Place, where he and guests dive into their lives under quarantine and, naturally for Pinfield, much more.

Sadly though, Pinfield's health has become a serious issue over the last few years, and now friends are stepping up to help.

“If you know Matt Pinfield, you love Matt Pinfield,” says fundraiser organizer Chris Trovero on the GoFundMe page that he has set up for his friend and creative partner with a goal of reaching $50,000.

Pinfield suffered massive trauma to his right leg and head during a 2018 accident when he was struck by a moving vehicle. His pal Mike Jakubow posted a photo of Pinfield post-surgery at the time, reassuring fans that "he's gonna be ok."

It turns out, Pinfield has struggled over the last couple of years with his recovery. “At this very moment, he's focusing on his physical and mental health with some medical specialists and mental health professionals,” Trovero says on his fundraiser site. “Unfortunately, in the United States not all health treatment is covered by insurance. That's where you can come in.”

While acknowledging that this may not the best time for anyone to be considering reaching into their pockets to give, Trovero says a simple share to spread the word can go a long way.

Get details and donate to "Help Matt Pinfield Get Better" here.

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