5 Artists Who Hated Their Hit Song

It may have put them on the map, but these artists are not as big fans of their hit song as you are.

January 3, 2019

A hit song can be great for an artist. It gets more exposure to their music, more people out to their shows, etc. However, some artists simply can't stand them.

Here's a look at five instances where an artist would rather their song not be a hit.

Radiohead - Creep

One of the most famous examples in the bunch is with Radiohead's hit "Creep." Although it's reemerged in their setlists as of late, the band refused to perform it for a long period of time. Thom Yorke once told a Montreal audience “F$*# off, we’re tired of it,” after fans requested they play it. In response to the song's success, the band wrote the song "My Iron Lung" on their sophomore record The Bends recognizing how "Creep" had helped sustain the band's life while also constraining them.

The Pretenders - Brass In Pocket

Chrissie Hynde used to cringe when listening to early Pretenders recordings. She cast aside the potential of "Brass In Pocket" saying “I never thought it was that great." In fact, she was so adamant about not releasing the song that she told producer Chris Thomas, “this goes out over my dead body."  

R.E.M. - Shiny Happy People

The band itself is split on this song. Michael Stipe once said, “It was written to be as pop as it could possibly be, absurdly, ridiculously pop...  I don’t want it to be the song R.E.M. are remembered by in 100 years’ time but it should be recognised as one of our minor hits . . . though not our finest moment.”

At the same time, Mike Mills admitted he loves it. “When I listen to it, which is rarely, I really enjoy it. To write a non-tongue-in-cheek happy song is very hard," he said.

Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl

Morrison called his big hit a "throwaway song" in an interview with Time. He added, "it's not one of my best. I mean I've got about 300 songs that I think are better." Thankfully, fans of Van the Man's music will have plenty of other choices to choose from his extensive discography if they agree.

Oasis - Wonderwall

“I can’t f$*@ing stand that f!&@ing song! Every time I have to sing it I want to gag,” Liam Gallagher once said. “You go to America, and they’re like: ‘Are you Mr. Wonderwall?’ You want to chin someone.”

Despite despising the song, both Gallagher brothers continue to play it in their respective bands.

This is just a small sample size of artists that aren't fans of their hit. What are some other examples you can think of? Head over to our Facebook page and leave us a comment.