What Is The Best Era In Rolling Stones History?

Why the Mick Taylor era is the unanimous choice.

June 18, 2019

This is the second part of a five part series of conversation with 93XRT's Lin Brehmer & 670 The Score's Dan McNeil leading up to The Rolling Stones June 21st concert at Soldier Field.

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"You can separate The Rolling Stones catalog into who was the other guitar player" Lin Brehmer exclaims after Dan McNeil asked him what era of the Stones was his favorite. Like any band that's been around for over 50 years, you can divide The Rolling Stones history into different eras.

While Ronnie Wood has the longest tenure as "the other guitarist," he's the third the Stones have employed throughout their history. Brian Jones was the first guitarist to alongside Keith Richards and an original member of the band while Mick Taylor came around in 1969.

Jones was perhaps the most talented guitarist the Stones employed as he had the ability to play a number of instruments. "I think most of the great Brian Jones possibilities were just that, possibilities because he was a guy that burned out too hard and too fast and it reflected his later work with The Rolling Stones," Lin recalled.

Enter Mick Taylor, the unanimous choice as the favorite guitarist employed next to Keith Richards by The Rolling Stones.

"Their most polished moments as a rock & roll band came when Mick Taylor was part of the program," McNeil said. "I'm with you, nobody can hold a candle to Mick Taylor," Lin added.