Big Lebowski Spin-Off Centered Around Jesus Quintana Set To Hit The Big Screen

“It’s a bit of a racy movie."

June 11, 2019

Update 7/9/19: According to Variety, the film is due out in early 2020 and will be titled The Jesus Rolls.

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John Turturro's role as Jesus Quintana was one of the many memorable scenes in The Big Lebowski.

In a new interview with The Independent, Turturro reveals that he's completed a spinoff based off Quintana. “I had to tweak it a little bit but now I feel really good about it. It’s basically an exploration of Jesus getting out of jail. It’s a comedy but a very human comedy,” he said.

“It’s a bit of a racy movie," Turturro added. "It shows how stupid men are. That’s what the movie is kinda about – the women are the stronger, more together characters.”

Turturro received support from the Coen brothers on the project. "They’re [Joel & Ethan Coen] my friends, close friends, and were supportive when I said I wanna explore this character more. They said, you gotta do it cos we’re not doing it!" he said.

Titled Going Places, no release date has been announced at the moment.

Revisit the classic scene below (warning: explicit language).