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The Beatles

Breakfast With The Beatles – February 17, 2019

Breakfast With The Beatles – February 17, 2019 8 AM The Beatles – Wait John – I’m Stepping Out Rufus Wainwright – Across The Universe The Beatles – No Reply Paul – Beware My Love Nils Lofgrin – Any Time At All The Beatles – You Like Me Too Much Professor Moptop Vernon Girls – We Love The Beatles... Read More
Dennis Lloyd

Dennis Lloyd Completes the Story on "Never Go Back"

After the viral success of "Nevermind", Israeli singer and producer Dennis Lloyd returned with the song's spiritual sequel on Friday, the distressed and meditative " Never Go Back ." Last year Lloyd made waves with the moody love song he wrote while living in Bangkok, detailing the emotional... Read More

5 Little Known Pink Floyd Facts

We're featuring Pink Floyd on XRT's Friday Feature today and have dug up five little known facts to pair with the music of one of rock's most prolific bands. 1. Dark Side Of The Moon Does Not Sync Up With The Wizard Of Oz One of the more famous urban legends in rock is that Pink Floyd wrote their... Read More
New Noise At Nine

Forget Flowers and Chocolate! A Dozen (plus 2) New Songs

Happy Overpriced Crummy Choclate and Roses Day! I aimed to make this week’s show live up to The Best of New Music Thursday by jamming as much music into one hour as physics, space, and time would allow. Two highlights from this week’s show - Jade Bird “I Get No Joy” ( Jade Bird is playing with... Read More
Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam live at Wrigley Field

How Well Do You Know Pearl Jam?

Pearl Jam's history has been well documented throughout the years, but even the most die hard fans are continually finding out new facts about the band. Related: Pearl Jam Named Record Store Day 2019 Ambassadors We're gearing up to spin their music all day long as one half our Friday Feature this... Read More
Foo Fighters

We Now Know Who Was The Injured Foo Fighter

Last week we received a scary note from our friends in the Foo Fighters . The band was set to kickoff opening weekend for The Fillmore in New Orleans, but were forced to reschedule the performances after one of the members of the band suffered an undisclosed injury. An update on the upcoming New... Read More
Sad girl

5 Anti-Love Songs You Can Commiserate To This Valentine's Day

By Mario McKellop (via WBMP ) Every Valentine’s Day, happy couples across the nation have the opportunity to get all dressed up and go out somewhere special to celebrate how wonderful it is to be in love. Conversely, all bitter singles are constantly reminded of just how alone they are by pretty... Read More
Singer CHRIS CORNELL of the bands SOUNDGARDEN and Audioslave

Brad Pitt to Produce Documentary About Chris Cornell’s Life

Legendary Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell is continuing to be celebrated for his talent and contributions to music. After an unforgettable tribute concert and a posthumous GRAMMY win, his life will be further honored with an upcoming documentary. As reported by Variety , the film... Read More