15 Of The Most Valuable & Rare Rock Records

Are you a proud owner of an impressive record collection?

February 16, 2018

Are you a proud owner of an impressive record collection? Have that one special record you think is worth a lot? An extensive record collection is the coolest type of collection you can own. Maybe you have a record in your attic worth thousands and you don’t even know it yet. Here are of some of the rarest rock records out there, so next time you are at a garage sale might you discover a real treasure while browsing through someone’s old vinyl.

The Cure – 10:15 Saturday Night / Foxy Lady ($1,000-$2,000)

“10:15 Saturday Night” is the b-side to The Cure’s first single, “Killing an Arab”, but was also released in France as a single in 1979.The French b-side to it is "Accurate." However, about 50-100 promotional records were pressed with “Foxy Lady,” cover of the Hendrix classic, as the b-side. Which version do you like better, Jimi or The Cure?

George Harrison – Love Comes to Everyone / Soft Touch 
Alt. Sleeve ($5,000)

An alternative picture sleeve in the record was circulated in the United States, but only for a very short time before it was discontinued. This is the most collectible piece from George’s solo career.

Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin
Alt. Cover ($5,000-$7,500

If you have the words Led Zeppelin in turquoise on the upper-left of the cover of their debut album, you are a lucky person. These are extremely rare and frequently auction for over 5,000 dollars. I prefer the turquoise lettering over the original, very underrated color.

The Misfits – Horror Business
Black Vinyl Edition ($2,500 -$10,000)

Maybe your husband or wife has hid their punk rock days from you, and somewhere in your house is the first pressing of “Horror Business.” They pressed the first 25 copies on black vinyl and the rest on yellow. The skeleton on the cover served as the bands’ logo for the rest of their career. 

David Bowie – Diamond Dogs
Alt. Cover ($2,500-$7,500)

The front cover of “diamond dogs” features Mr. Bowie as a half dog-half human, but the reserve gatefold is what created some controversy. RCA pulled this because it contained dog “family jewels.” Few copies got out, and most have them airbrushed out. If you find an intact copy, expect it to be worth around $7,500.

Bob Dylan – The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan
Withdrawn Version ($20,000-$30,000) 

4 tracks were officially taken off of Bob’s 2nd album. However, a few were printed with the 4 songs on the record. If you’re not the biggest Bob Dylan fan, and you somehow have this rarity, you just got yourself a new car.

Pink Floyd – The Wall
Orange Vinyl Version ($1,500 - $3,000)

There are reportedly only 800 copies of this 1979 masterpiece pressed on orange, translucent vinyl. If you want to out do your neighbor's man cave, just find one of these and frame it. 

The White Stripes - Lafayette Blues / Sugar Never Tasted So Good
White Vinyl Edition ($5,000-$15,000)

Apparently, there is an issue of this single that printed 15 copies with hand painted covers. They were sold at White Stripes' show in 1998, and were pressed on white vinyl. I personally would keep this forever because of the hand painted covers. Would boost my culture level times infinity.

The Sex Pistols – God Save the Queen
A&M Records Version ($20,000)

The Sex Pistols only lasted one week with A&M Records, after signing with them in 1977. They were fired for their absurd behavior, but during that week they recorded “God Save the Queen.” In 1998, these mint-conditioned singles were given to top A&M executives when their office closed up shop.

The Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers
Mono Version with orange sticker ($2,000-$4,000)

Mono versions were created for the promotional issue for this album, and if there’s a red sticker that reads “dj copy monaural”, it is very valuable.

The Smiths – Hand in Glove / Handsome Devil
Negative Sleeve ($1,500-$3,000)

Apparently, only 25 copies with a negative image on the sleeve actually exist. This is the first Smith’s single released in 1983. I know if I won the lottery tomorrow, I would track one of these down.

Joy Division – An Ideal for Living
Their 1st EP ($2,000)

Only 1,000 copies of the legendary bands’ debut EP were produced. The whole thing was recorded in one session on December 14th, 1977. 

Depeche Mode – Music for the Masses
Withdrawn Cover ($3,500-$7,500)

If you have this album with the alternative, orange and white cover, then you own quite the collectible. Only 5 to 15 were ever circulated. If you ask me, they should of mass circulated this cover; very cool.

The Beatles – Ask Me Why / Anna
Promo Single ($25,000)

There are only 6 to 10 copies of this very rare 1964 promo single. I’m sure Paul and Ringo have a copy, hopefully you will find one of the remaining few.

Nirvana – Love Buzz / Big Cheese
First Single($2,000)

Only 1,200 copies of their 1988 first single actually exist. 1,000 of them are individually numbered, and 200 just have red line drawn through the cover. This is a must own for any big Nirvana fan. 

So now you know what to look out for at the next auction or garage sale. If you have a lot of money and want to start a record collection, adding some of these records will increase your credibility tenfold. If you find one of these on the street for cheap; buy it, your record collection and wallet will be glad you did.