A Special Message From 93XRT

March 19, 2020
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A few times in our lives now the world has seemed entirely surreal.  It's caught us off guard and disrupted our daily lives, but it ultimately reminds us of what's important in life.  Each other, health, joy, kindness, and the power of music to lift us up, to give us hope, to unite us and sometimes just to distract us.  

During this difficult and confusing time, at XRT, our goal is to bring a sense of normalcy to the lives of our listeners, to ground them in the shared power of music and its ability to keep lifting us up.  So while we are providing COVID-19 updates once an hour at 30 minutes after the hour from NewsRadio 780, we're continuing to be Chicago's Home For Music Lovers.  The friendly voices who have kept you company through the Polar Vortex, 9/11, heatwaves, blackouts, floods and plenty of good times will continue to be right there on your radio, on your smart speaker (just say, "​Play 93XRT"), on your mobile app, your desktop or tablet playing the music you love.  And because we know how much you love live music and how this disruption is precluding you from that magic, we're going to dig into the XRT Archives and relive some of the best concerts in Chicago history—rebroadcasting them on 93XRT.  

We began these rebroadcasts revisiting the United Center concert from March 29th of last year, when Mumford & Sons played in the round...to an arena packed to the rafters with adoring fans.  Then we brought you the Smashing Pumpkins at Metro Cabaret from 1993, then the Grateful Dead at UIC Pavilion in 1987.  And every Monday, Wednesday & Friday, we'll select another classic Chicago concert to share with you.  Live music (and normal life) will return.  In the meantime, we'll do our best to bring that shared experience to you virtually on 93XRT, the RADIO.COM app and 93XRT.COM.

Thanks for listening...and thanks in advance for being to kind to one another.

Lin Brehmer | Richard Milne | Marty Lennartz | Terri Hemmert
Ryan Arnold | Emma Mac | Frank E. Lee | Johnny Mars
Lara Mondae | Don Davis | Bill Artlip | John Farneda
Greg Solk | Chris Cwiak